Client Stories

We help our clients identify strengths and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Would a Quick Implementation of Agile Increase or Stall Productivity?

Problem: Our clients were spending much of their time developing customer-requested features while neglecting the strategic roadmap and product portfolio.

Solution: Incorporate Agile to improve product delivery and insight.

Moving to Agile immediately would jeopardize 12 months of product delivery, so we helped them phase in Agile.


  • Defined DevOps roles
  • Hiring of key personnel
  • Implementation of a CI/CO pipeline
  • Increased automation of testing, performance and security
  • A more than 250% decrease in new feature and R&D development time
  • Reorganization of the PLM team
  • A new toolchain ecosystem

Evolving to a Subscription-Pricing Model

SaaS, PaaS and even XaaS offerings are becoming common. We help companies evolve their pricing models.

Blue Rocket’s expertise in multi-channel pricing and licensing programs helped our client migrate build, implement and communicate a global program that resulted in increased recurring revenue.

Elements of the program included:

  • New pricing schedules, tiers and types
  • Acquisition, retention and growth optimization
  • Strategically developed discount programs
  • New licensing models
  • Rationalization of pricing and licensing across all SKUs

Client Story: Closing the Deal, but at What Cost?

Sales are the lifeblood of a company, but many rapidly growing companies lack the discipline, systems and culture to understand that not all revenue is created equal.

A company can become so intensely sales-driven that the true cost of delivery for a big deal may be a negative impact on profitability, as well as a hindering of delivery quality and organizational morale.

Blue Rocket helped our client evolve from a “revenue at any cost” mentality and culture to one where revenue was still critical to success but top-line revenue goals were better aligned with profitability and delivery objectives, resulting in increases in client satisfaction, retention and sustainable company performance.