The Power of Price

Pricing optimization is the most powerful and effective way for a company to increase revenue and improve bottom line profits; According to a study by McKinsey & Co., a 1% increase in price can lead to an 11% increase in profits. (Link to study: Click HERE)

Companies that regularly analyze and update pricing consistently out-perform those who do not. Blue Rocket is here to help you maximize your company’s revenue and profits. 

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We call it the Price Setting and Price Getting Framework

Pricing optimization looks at not just how a company works internally to determine their prices (Price Setting) but it also must consider how effectively and efficiently prices are presented to customers (Price Getting).

Blue Rocket has the proven expertise to lead a pricing transformation that will make your company healthier and more profitable.

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The Blue Rocket Advantage

Blue Rocket’s pricing experts have decades of practical and proven experience spanning every aspect of the Price Setting and Price Getting framework.

We will work collaboratively with you to validate and leverage existing areas of pricing strength while also identifying areas of opportunity to unlock a company’s full pricing advantage.

Blue Rocket delivers ROI and outcomes through the following solutions:

Pricing, Packaging and Metrics

Are you concerned that you are not maximizing revenue and profit with your current price and packaging strategies?

We help you price and package based on the value customers gain from your products or services in the segments where you gain the most revenue.

We will also review and analyze your pricing metric(s) and recommend metric(s) that maximize price and improve your bottom line.

Getting perspective and guidance from those who have made pricing their life’s work is a true difference maker. 

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Pricing Organization and Capabilities

Pricing as a function cannot exist in a silo. Your pricing organization needs to work closely with marketing, sales, and finance. We will facilitate, set up and launch everything needed to run an effective pricing function within your company.

And, if needed, we can also act as your pricing team until the right team members can be hired and onboarded.

From start to finish, Blue Rocket can help identify, develop, implement and staff your pricing organization. 

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Price Realization, Discount and Usage Analysis

For List Price Optimization, we will reveal price impact on margins and profits from products, segments, and even down to individual accounts.

Discretionary discounting is an primary lever to maximize deal win rates against competition. But how much is too much? Blue Rocket will analyze your historical trends and make specific recommendations on your discount policies and levels.

We will triangulate between your deal, revenue and usage data to identify revenue leakage with corrective recommendations in systems, policies and contract terms.

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Price Getting Review

Your list price list is not the final number that hits the bottom line. Quoting, Discounting, Contracting, Metering and Billing are all areas where revenue and profit leakage can occur.

Blue Rocket assesses your cross-functional teams, roles, systems and processes to understand if you are realizing your full pricing potential. We will then make specific recommendations to improve.

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Are You Ready to Experience the Power of Price?